Beneficial Ownership Data Standard - Development handbook

This repo contains work-in-progress documentation for people who are working on the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard. It is published on github pages to keep it lightweight and easy to update. The source files are at

To this repo you can add meta-documentation around updating the standard itself - workflows, processes, technical things and administrivia that you don’t want to be siloed inside your own organisation’s CRM or private wiki, but that don’t need to be seen by people who are only publishing or consuming data which conforms to the standard. Do check to make sure what you want to add wouldn’t be better suited to the docs of a particular tool.

If you add a new page, please follow the editing advice below, and list it under ‘Contents’ here.


It does not contain:

Running this site locally

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Editing this handbook

This Handbook is in English only (no translations).

Currently, there is no requirement for pull requests to be made - you can edit content on the main branch directly. Later, that will change to a strict requirement to always use pull requests.

Previewing work you have done

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